Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Financial Responsibility

We request payment for services at the time they are rendered. Please feel free to discuss any questions related to financial considerations or insurance with our financial coordinators. Our team is here to help you coordinate the phases of your dental therapy in a manner that allows the achievement of optimal dental care.

Dental insurance is a wonderful employee benefit. If you are in need of dental services and fortunate enough to have a dental benefit plan, then it is to your advantage to utilize it to its maximum potential. Insurance benefits are based on the amount of premium paid by you and/or your employer. Programs have been established with your specific needs in mind.

Any treatment that you may need will not be based on your dental benefit program or its coverage. Your treatment plan is based on your personal needs. As a consequence, we do not diagnose, render treatment or establish fees according to any insurance table of allowances. Office fees are based on the care, skill and judgement of the professionals delivering the services, and by the costs of operating a dental office dedicated to excellence.