Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Thank you for visiting our website!  Our dental practice has been in existence at its present location in Newnan since 1980. It is our goal to consistently provide superior oral health care in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Establishing rewarding and lasting relationships with our patients is a top priority.  We pledge excellence in all that we do and look forward to welcoming you to our practice as a patient and a friend.

 Thank You For Choosing Us

Because we believe in the quality of our dental care, we don't expect to see much of you when your treatment is completed (except of course, for those important exams and cleanings!). By then we'll have earned your trust, and we appreciate the referral of family and friends to our practice. It's our mission to make sure that you (our friends) are referring your family, friends and co-workers to our practice. We are happy to take any new patients in need for quality dental care.

For an appointment call  770-251-3465